Monday, May 18, 2015

Christian Liberals

Tim Farron:

You would do well to find a public figure who will more passionately and articulately talk about their faith. Farron became a Christian aged 18, a decision he describes as "the most massive choice I have made," and his faith seems as powerful and fresh as ever: Speaking at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in 2013, he said: "Christianity, I am convinced, is not 'a bit' true. It is either not true, or it is so compellingly utterly true, that almost nothing else matters...if it is [true], it's the most important thing in the universe bar nothing; and if it isn't, we should close all the churches and sell them off for something else. There is no middle way."

and a friend of mine in Yeovil who joined the Libdems after an election night all-nighter at the house of a local vicar. I wonder who that could have been?

Mr Wilson watched the election with friends at the house of his local Church of England vicar.
“I had voted Lib Dem,” he said, “and spent a good part of the day after the election feeling down. It wasn’t just the national picture: in Yeovil we had lost David Laws, a very good local MP.
“But then, in the evening, I said: ‘No, I am going to turn this into something good.’ I went online and joined.”
Mr Wilson laughs when asked why. “Probably for the same reason I joined the Anglican church. It might be something psychological."  (haha! Anglican mind manipulation techniques, works every time)

With a nominal Anglican heading the Conservatives, and a Catholic current favourite in the Labour leadership race, we could end up with the 3 main parties being led by Christians of one stripe or another by the autumn. Who'll be in charge of UKIP is anybody's guess. 

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