Thursday, May 08, 2014

Party Political Broadcasts: For Goodness Sake Grow Up

This is the Labour election broadcast for the local and Euro elections. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? It looks like an overlong sketch from Armstrong and Miller that was cut from the final show for not being funny. Dreadful

The Libdem effort, thrown together yesterday and circulated online in response, is slightly better. Well, it's shorter anyway.

There appears to be a conspiracy to make UKIP look like a serious political party, with, what are they called, oh yes, POLICIES.

Grow up, the lot of you. Speaking of which, here's the Greens, which is much, much better, whatever your take on how realistic the proposals are:

compare and contrast the UKIP manifesto, which aside from wanting to cut foreign aid and scrap green energy, has some odd mathematical brains working on it. Lower council tax doesn't go together with more regular bin collections, keeping more libraries open, mending pot holes, cheaper bus services and free parking. And if you cut immigration there will be cuts to NHS services, unless there's a concerted attempt to crack down on the squandering of medical training and resources on vanity surgery. It doesn't add up.

But at least the manifesto bears some relationship to the election itself, so full marks to them for that.

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