Saturday, May 17, 2014

"If my vicar was like you....."

"...generally the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I had a girl tweet me the other day – "I've seen you on the show," she said. "You're the only vicar I know, how do I get my baby baptised?" I'm the only vicar she knows! To me the show was worth doing just for that...
People do say to me "If my vicar was like you I'd go to church."
And my response is, "Your vicar might be like me, most vicars I know are lovely; go and meet your own vicar."
For me this is not about celebrity...we really think God asked us to do it, so we did it.
I'd risk everything for the gospel. I'll risk looking stupid I'll risk looking like an idiot. I'll risk grumblies grumbling at me because one day I'll have to stand there and answer to the one that really matters."
A big amen to that. Rev Kate Bottley on her experience on Gogglebox. Read the rest here

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