Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Diocese of Bath and Wells: 'Our Common Fund' DVD

This is a video put together by my home diocese to give local parishes a sense of the work being done across the Diocese, and how the 'common fund' (contributions pooled from parishes) supports this.

It would be interesting to hear from people outside Bath and Wells how this comes across. The idea is to communicate across the diocese about where the money comes from, and goes to, to get past the idea of 'us' and 'them in Wells' to a greater sense of common purpose.

I'm aware of how vicar-centred it is, that most of the Diocesan outgoings on parishes are to put clergy in place. It would be great to see an updated video in 10 years time which has fewer dog-collars and more lay leaders.


  1. This is staggeringly similar in places to the Portsmouth one:

    Are others doing it too?

  2. It's a conspiracy! I was involved in an advisory group for the dvd above, and the original inspiration was a DVD that London diocese had made, so it might be that other Dioceses have had the same idea.

  3. Portsmouth have now admitted via Twitter that they were inspired by the London DVD same as Bath and Wells.