Thursday, October 03, 2013

CofE Church Growth Research: The Findings

...will be announced at this conference in January

Here's some of the blurb:

This exciting conference will provide you with an early overview of the findings from a major 18- month research programme investigating factors related to church growth within the Church of England. This will include results from a survey of over 1,700 churches, a detailed study of Fresh Expressions in 12 dioceses and a study focused on factors related to growth at cathedrals and greater churches. You will gain from the conference:

 - An overview of what we can say about church growth from the data which the national Church already holds and which has been collected during the research.
- Insight into some of the challenges involved with researching church growth.
- Practical suggestions of how both diocesan leadership teams and those working on the ground in parishes, fresh expressions and cathedrals might seek to encourage church growth.
- A chance to discuss and debate the findings: including their relevance to your situation.
- An honest assessment of what we still do not know and of where we might go from here.

looks good.

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