Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mission to new housing areas: what works?

...a question I'm very interested in, given that it's a major thread of my work here in Yeovil. The Church of Englands new 'Church Growth Research' unit has commissioned a piece of work to evaluate the CofE's engagement with new housing areas in recent years, particularly in the 14 Dioceses which have received national funding to support mission work in new developments.

Some of the key factors in the evaluation include:

  • The extent and effectiveness of support and training provided by dioceses for the local projects/posts being funded; 
  • Whether any common factors are emerging which are contributing to (or hindering) the success of pioneer and other outreach posts(e.g. supporting team in place; links to parish church, being resident on or near the new development s/he is serving; access to community facilities; access to facilities for worship; length of term of appointment for post-holders);
  • Whether and how community engagement initiatives through the projects/post-holders being funded are translating into new Christian disciples;

looks like a helpful piece of work, and I'm delighted to hear that it'll be reporting back in March 2014, a lightening-fast timescale for the CofE.

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  1. If you don't already have contact with him, Mark Gilborson (Methodist pioneer minister) is intimately involved with ecumenical mission (overseen by CT in Devon) in the large new-build community of Cranbrook just outside Exeter. See
    Excellent case study & ongoing learning process.