Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pitching a script for the next series of Rev.

Spotted in Salisbury today: a couple of vicars searching in vain around the Park and Ride for the car they'd arrived in earlier that day, whilst at the same time wondering why it was so hard to get their bearings. Followed 5 minutes later by the realisation that they'd caught the wrong bus and were at the wrong Park and Ride. Then having to explain all this to the bus driver who'd been watching them with increasing amusement, and again to the driver when they finally took the right bus, since the ticket had already been punched. "I'll believe you" he said "after all, nobody would admit to that if it wasn't true."

Cut to the 2nd Park and Ride 15 minutes later, and both vicars emerging from the car, locking it, waiting for 30 seconds, unlocking it, and getting back in again. Several buttons are pushed in different orders to try to get the electronic starter to work, until they give up and consult the object of ultimate masculine failure, the Instruction Sheet. What kind of car needs an A4 instruction sheet on how to start the engine? What kind of driver needs an A4...... as training ministers for 2 future CofE clergy, it's good to know that the future of Anglicanism is safe in our hands. I mean, their hands.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Ditto. There must be something in the Sarum water