Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ebuzzing rankings for September (i.e. August), and other stuff

Until Ebuzzing fix their data collection I'm not going to do any more full run-downs, but if you're interested in exploring other blogs, or in where you are in the blog pickers top 20, the latest Ebuzzing rankings for Religion and Belief are out. Mildly amused that the top 2 are an atheist blog, and a Christian apologetics blog, I wonder if they communicate with each other. Also good to see Lay Anglicana in the top 10 for the first time.

In other list news, the Church of England is now doing a daily rundown of media coverage, well done to Arun Arora, new Head of Comms, for setting this up. It would be good to have a 'subscribe' button but hopefully that's on the way.

If that's got you all too excited, there's also a press release on the next bishops gathering to tie themselves in knots over women bishops. Anyone who can read this at one sitting and understand it has been spending too much time in WATCH meetings. Actually I think the best thing for now would be for the various pressure groups to observe a public vow of silence until the end of the year, so that we can work this out as Christians rather than as lobbyists.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Considering I've hardly posted on the blog in this lull before I start ordination training, and my stats are as always just ticking along at a low level, I wonder why I'm climbing the ranks to 31!

    Other than wondering how this might be, do you know if I need to notify these folk of the fact that my blog has changed it's name (though url the same) to take account of my changing life?

    I shall take your advice, and be silent on your other point.

  2. I used the online feedback form (though it wasn't clear which category I needed to select) and sent them the same message several times, and they finally changed mine over. Then had to do the same because Blogger changed its url, but they're still not picking up any incoming links to the blog. So I'm pretty mistrustful of their mechanics - Church Mouse has gone from 12 to 49 in a month, which is pretty bizarre, given that it's supposed to take 6 months of incoming links into account.

    That's why I've stopped putting more detail about the ebuzzing rankings, I simply don't trust them anymore. It's gone downhill in accuracy and helpfulness since they took over from Wikio, which also told you about incoming links from Twitter.

  3. Thanks David, most helpful and informative. I shall send them the information, and otherwise not take much notice of the whole thing. I definitely shouldn't rate higher than 'the mouse' even when he's not squeaking much!

  4. Thank-you for the kind mention, David. I should point out, perhaps, that my move from #24 to #8 (probably just for August) is due to the number of guest posts, the fact that as a result I can now post daily, and the series of posts on candidates for ABC, which has proved remarkably popular!

  5. yes it's all a bit strange, I've just done the womens rankings for this month and some names have disappeared completely from the top 100, which seems a bit strange in just a month and several going down a lot despite more activity.... would be helpful if they were more forthcoming about how they suss it all out...!