Monday, February 06, 2012

Ebuzzing/Wikio Religion Blogs - February top 10

Ebuzzings 'most influential blogs' list has just been updated for February. Here are the top 10 blogs in the Religion and Belief category.

1. Thinking Anglicans (must be a General Synod coming up)
2. Islam in Europe
3. Krish Kandiah (the Driscoll effect?)
4. Echurch blog (has replaced Church Mouse for me as my most regular read, good source of links, news, opinion from a wide range of topics)
5. Peter Saunders
6. The Freethinker
7. Tall Skinny Kiwi
8. The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
9. iBenedictines
10. Anglican Mainstream, even though it's not a blog. Andrew Brown has some interesting thoughts.
11. The BigBible project (of course I can count: see 10)

Points of order:
 - Church Mouse has sprung back into the top 20 on the basis of just one post.
 - you'll find this blog in the top 20 if you can remember what it was called 2 years ago. That seems to be mostly on the strength of Twitter - on average over the last few months there have been 3-4 links from other blogs and around 100 retweets. Makes me wonder where the traffic came from BT (Before Twitter).

and I'm going to link to The Vicars Wife (65) for no particular reason, but just to see if it helps her ranking next month. Actually, we could all do it and see what happens.....


  1. Yes, eChurch is such a fantastic resource, although I wonder if Stuart who runs it has any sort of a life! He must put in huge amounts of time to add so much content.

    Good call on The Vicar's Wife. Maybe we should all link to one or more blogs every month just to see how much we can change the rankings. Everyone would probably benefit.

  2. 1. Thinking Anglicans (must be a General Synod coming up)

    OK, I just about blew corn flakes out my nose reading that line!

  3. Congratulations on moving up to number 12!

  4. Thanks David! Hoping that your link will mean I leapfrog my husband next month. He's six places ahead of me in the latest rankings. #competitivehousehold