Sunday, December 11, 2011

U2 as Worship Leaders?

In anticipation of the launch of the U2 Studies Journal (I kid you not), try this article, on how U2 'lead worship' at their live gigs. Whether you think they actually do or not, it's still a good piece on what's involved in leading worship in the first place....

...well, that is if you think 'worship' means 'concert style event with audience participation'. There is so much more to it than that. But that's another post.....


  1. It sounds like you haven't experienced a U2charist service, David and might I therefore invite you to visit St Mary le Wigford church in Lincoln, where they are held several times a year? See for details.

    You can read a report on the first Lincoln U2charist, which took place in 2007 at

  2. you're right, I haven't, though I read and blogged about it a while back. My brother was involved in the first Lincoln one, and it sounded great.

    How does holding one several times a year work? Don't you run out of tracks? Or do you smuggle in a bit of Killers and pretend it's a long lost B side?