Monday, December 12, 2011

Nativity Factor Shortlists

Not really time for proper posting, so some more on the Nativity Factor. Now that votes have closed, there are two shortlists, the Adult top 10 here, and those produced in the under-16's category here. It'll now be up to a panel of judges to pick the winners.

The prize is some cash, plus a chance to watch a days live news at the ITN studios. Lets leave aside the fact you can already do that by switching on the TV...... The most likely winners seem to be Lego, who have a starring role in several entries. Winners are picked on 'creativity, style and story', though accuracy to the original Nativity account isn't thought necessary. Make of that what you will!

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  1. Hi David,

    Just to clarify, the judges are looking for truthfulness to the Nativity story as one of the main criteria, as well as creativity/originality. We're looking for a balance of the elements - I think that the website possibly could be better worded in this aspect.

    Thanks for all your support.


    Randall Helms
    ITN Productions