Wednesday, August 03, 2011


After a 3 month sabbatical, I'm seriously pondering whether to resume blogging. I know there isn't the time to do it at the level of the old 'St. Aidan to Abbey Manor' blog, but it was a useful way of sharing ideas and resources. The main problem was that it became compulsive. Hence the removal of anything from the blog which refers to traffic stats!

I've had a fiddle with formatting and appearance, and a new title which is a bit less pretentious and probably more accurate. But if it starts taking more than 15 minutes a day then it's back to Blogger deep freeze.

Part of that may mean less interaction with commenters, and if there are any posts/threads that start me losing sleep at night then they'll be deleted. Yes that's happened. Anyway, one post at a time and we'll see what happens...


  1. We strew flowers on the road to blogosphere central.

  2. We've missed you. Don't overdo it.

  3. David,

    Thanks for the wake-up call!

    I struggle with the 'early preview', statistics oriented, 'look at me I'm number nn' sites and hadn't realised that I'd bought in to that mentality (visibly) even though abhorring it (internally).

    Counters gone from my blog - now walking the talk.

    Be good to see you back on a basis that blesses you as much as those who read you,


  4. Go for it! Good idea to set a daily time limit.

  5. Great news David! Will just nip and reinstall you on the blogroll....

  6. Hey - sorry to be late to the party; and a warm welcome back from me too :) ... have subscribed to your RSS feed, so my reading probably wouldn't show up in your stats anyway...