Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Last Instrumental Worship Album...Ever!

I've already had a rant about the 'Best.... Ever' marketing and I'm tempted to do it all again. This kind of hype has no place in so-called 'Christian' business.

However, given the title, I can assume this will be the last ever intrumental worship CD produced by Kingsway, hot on the heels of their last ever collections of hymns, worship songs etc. After all, as Phil Groom points out, if the title really is true, then what's the point in producing anything else?

I also note that "The Best...Album in the World, Ever" is a registered trademark of the Virgin group. So if someone produced something that really was the best, they wouldn't be allowed to say so without being taken to court by Richard Branson. Nice.

For something a bit more in depth, Internet Monk is well worth a read today, looking at the whole enterprise of the 'Christian' market and the kind of things it consumes. 

Slightly more modest (actually how could anything be only 'slightly' more modest than this CD title? ) is the 'offer of the decade' from Church House, on hardback volumes from the Common Worship series. Some very hefty discounts.


  1. Haha, I love the way the Church House website says that CW "has effectively replaced the old 1662 prayer book" (and in only 10 years!). Adds spin to all the other sins of Christian marketing.

  2. Jonathan (a different one)1/7/10 10:52 am

    "Evah" surely?

  3. I remember seeing a book promoted on a Spring Harvest bookstall as 'indispensable'. I thought only one qualified for that title with Christians.

  4. If there is anything that will put me off buying something it has to be marketing like this.

    'Best Album in the World ... Ever' normally equates to 'The biggest pile of pap in the world... ever'!

    When will Christian companies stop aping the secular commercial section in a belief that it will increase sales. If the stuff they sold was any good it would sell itself, rather than relying upon tired and dated methods.

  5. Ha. Nice one David: thanks for the link. Will Kingsway ever learn? We live in hope...

  6. Oh look — it's out now, £12.99 ... those poor sods who paid the pre-order offer price of £13.48 must be kicking themselves...