Saturday, July 03, 2010

Full, Empty.

"If you fill your calendar with important appointments
you will have no time for God

If you fill your spare time with essential reading
You will starve your soul.

If you fill your mind with worry about budgets and offerings
the pains in your chest and the ache in your shoulders will betray you.

If you try to conform to the expectations ofthose around you
You will be forever their slave

Work a modest day, then step back and rest.
This will keep you close to God.
(William Martin 'Rest')


  1. We do all try to stuff to much in our lives dont we. How to live more simply with out time, what a challenge that is.

  2. I like this DK - can you email this to me please, I have some 'important' people who could do with this reminder (as I obviously do myself).