Saturday, April 25, 2009

Christianity in the Workplace

One of the many stands at Spring Harvest was run by Transform Work UK: "our vision is to inspire Christians to transform the workplace and the nation". Their website has, among other things, a directory of Christian groups in a range of different work sectors, including the Christian Dental Fellowship (you shall know the tooth and the tooth shall set you free?), Christian Firefighters, etc.

Some of the leaflets on the stand included
the Christian Engineers Association
Christian Initiatives in Early Years Education (Ci2eye, tagline 'every child's spirituality matters')
Christians in Science 'Exalting God, Exploring Creation'
BT Christian Network
Christians in Education
Social Work Christian Fellowship
Christian Nurses and Midwives
Association of Christian Financial Advisors who have produced an excellent short leaflet on 'Biblical Principles of Financial Planning'.

After hearing on the news recently that Tescos employs 280,000 people, I wonder if they have a employees Christian fellowship for the company.

For groups based at particular businesses, rather than across a profession, Christians at Work maintain a Directory of workplace groups, which has our own Westlands Christian Fellowship listed, along with Christian groups everywhere from Rolls Royce to the National Society for Epilepsy.

I hope that Christians at Work and Transform Work UK can work together, and not duplicate things for each other. However it's just good to see workplace discipleship taken seriously. One of my small pile of books from Spring Harvest is the God at Work course, a brand new course from the Alpha stable, and SHOCK HORROR you don't need to spend £99 on a DVD, just £5 for a leaders manual and then guest manuals for everyone who comes. The 6 sessions cover:
  1. Work Matters
  2. Ambition and Life Choices
  3. Tough Decisions
  4. Stress and Work-Life Balance
  5. Failure, Disappointment and Hope
  6. Money and Giving
Looks good on first glance. Anyone out there using it already?

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