Friday, April 10, 2009

Feet and Knees

Had the privilege of putting someone elses shoes and socks on for them today, so that they could come home from hospital. It wasn't planned like that, but it was a bit of a Maundy Thursday moment.

Jesus washes the disciples feet, then tells them to copy him. Why?

- Because you can only wash feet on your knees. And that's where you pray. What we are on our knees before God, that is what we are and nothing else.

- On your knees you get to look into the faces of those who can't stand, and the faces of children. You can't do that if you're standing up.

- Washing feet gives service the priority over status. Jesus doesn't care about his reputation, and Christians shouldn't care about their reputation either.

- Washing feet is love in action. We have songs and words galore about love, but God so loved the world that he gave: he did something. There's an article in todays local paper about the launc of Yeovil's new Street Pastors team - several of those interviewed say how good it is that someone is doing something, rather than just talking about doing something.

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