Thursday, April 09, 2009

The National Secular Society: who needs evidence when you've got prejudice?

A couple of good pieces responding to yesterdays National Secular Society attack on the work of hospital chaplains, which was given the oxygen of publicity by the BBC.

- Ekklesia reports on the response of union Unite, which calls the report 'erroneous and simplistic',
- and Matt Wardman raises some serious questions of detail about the research behind the report, and the figures it quotes.
- to be fair to the Beeb, they also have an article by a medical ethicist on the value of hospital chaplaincies.

There are several other good articles on the Ekklesia site.

The NSS would command a lot more respect if they dropped their editorial policy of refusing to recognise any positive contribution made by people of faith. Unfortunately, because they're known to be innately biased, nothing presented by the NSS can be treated as objective fact. Which is ironic, since I guess that would be their critique of religion...

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