Monday, December 15, 2008

Sacramental Fresh Expressions

links to some good stuff on fresh expressions in the sacramental tradition:

A pilgrimage to Coventry Cathedral last week has it's own page on the main Fresh Expressions site, with links to several sacramental & contemplative fresh expressions projects

Jennie Hogan wrote for the Church Times a few weeks ago on why Anglo-Catholics need to engage with fresh expressions. The link should be viewable, even if you're not a subscriber.

Ian Mobsby has created a social network site Fresh Expressions of the Sacramental Traditions, which pulls together blogs, talks, links, events, discussion forums etc. He's also uploaded a few vids of the Moot fresh expression onto Youtube.

Simon Rundall, who is part of the Blessed worship community, has a selection of interesting stuff from YouTube, including some of the material used at the Coventry pilgrimage.

and here's some of a recent Songs of Praise which focussed on fresh expressions. It picks up on the story of Moot at about 3:20 in:

update: see also Prodigal Kiwi's, who blogged on this today, and flag up a book due out in spring '09 on the topic.

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