Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alternative Carol Singing

Ht Madpriest, and I'll leave you to guess which of these I've got... apparently this was put together by a group of psychiatric patients as a contribution to the ward magazine. Slightly different version here.
For the mathematical, Smaller than Life has a wonderful collection of Christmas carols as Venn diagrams, which you can even order as Christmas cards. HT Steve Tilley.
And for the outraged of Milton Keynes, Ship of Fools is hosting a vote on the most annoying word changes to Christmas carols, with anything non-inclusive sacrificed on the altar of, well, what exactly? (HT Dave Walker) I have to admit that my all-time pet horror is the decimation of 'Onward Christian Soldiers', but as that's not a Christmas carol I'll have to wait until another time of year to moan about it.

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