Monday, August 04, 2008

Dave Walker, SSG, SPCK Update (part 2) Monday 4th August

Key posts and developments today on the attempted silencing of the SPCK blogs:

On the SPCK/SSG blog there are two: Mark Bennett has compiled a list of Mark Brewers public statements about SPCK (which I linked to earlier), and Phelim Macintyre has blogged about a planned meeting in September between former SPCK suppliers and staff. Yesterday Phil Groom posted an article he'd written for magazine Christian Marketplace, which was pulled from the magazine at the last minute. The editor of Christian Marketplace, Clem Jackson, was copied in on Phil Grooms 'Cease and Desist letter'. As SPCKwatch reports:

Today the new copy of Christian Marketplace arrived. All that is reported on the SSG saga is the funeral of Steve Jeynes. There is no mention of the bankruptcy case or 30 industrial tribunials that SSG are facing. As we now know from Phil's site Clem Jackson, editor of Christian Marketplace, recieved the same threat as Phil did. Hopefully this silence is only temporary on their part. But as soon as we know the outcome of the bankruptcy hearing be sure us Bloggers will report it.

It's not an easy position to be in, and I notice that despite journalists belonging to the Facebook group supporting Dave Walker, none of them have done a piece on the story yet. Some comments are starting to appear asking why the media haven't picked up on this yet. I guess a global gathering of bishops was probably occupying them.

Matt Wardman has posted on Cease and Desist letters, arguing that because Phil Grooms C&D was copied to a third party (Clem Jackson - see above), the allegations in it about Phil's site were effectively sent to a member of the British media, and thus might be considered libellous and defamatory in their own right. Ooops.

Sam Norton has posted an open letter to Mark Brewer from a former employee, citing a dreadful story about the treatment of a former SPCK employee.

Several other sites blogging today, but thought I'd try to organise (for my own sanity as much as anything) who's covering the Dave Walker/SPCK/SSG affair, and from what angle.

1. The Evidence:
2. Key Sites for News and Daily Updates

  • Matt Wardman - daily updates, analysis of law, civil liberties etc.
  • SPCK/SSG - Phil Grooms site, dedicated to the ongoing SPCK story and support of former staff and suppliers.
  • Dave Walker Friendfeed page: regularly updated links to stories around Dave Walker, SPCK, SSG etc. First port of call to see what's been newly blogged.
  • We Support Dave Walker Facebook site. 376 members at last count. Some good links in the 'Wall Posts' there.
  • and this one, mainly linking to other sites.

3. Analysis and General Digging Around.
  • SPCKwatch: relatively new site, but some good stuff - recent analysis on whether the SPCK chain was 'thriving' as SSG claimed.
  • Ministry of Truth: some great in depth analysis of the Mark Brewer letters, and the business dealings of SSG.
  • Bizarrely Rev. Dr Christian Troll: and good for a chuckle too.

4. Regular Comment

5. Cartoons

There are lots of other sites which have linked to this story - a full list is hosted by Matt Wardmans and it's up to 76 now, and if you spot other links, or blog on it yourself, please leave a comment there. Just spotted include Ben Gallagher (good post, nice cartoon) and Long Withdrawing Roar .

If I've missed anything off this list, please let me know. I look forward to the day when Dave's Cartoon Blog is back in section 2, where it belongs.


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