Monday, August 04, 2008

Dave Walker Daily Monday 4th August

..... will appear here later: family guest and a funeral this afternoon, so it will be a question of slotting it in, hopefully by teatime. In the meantime

- SPCKWatch - a new blog, but making up for lost time - looks at how the SPCK business was faring under SSG ownership, and challenges the SSG claim that it was 'thriving'.

- Good discussion at Tall Skinny Kiwi on how to use the blogosphere, and the rights and wrongs of what can be said where and when.

- SPCK/SSG blog has a good bit of work by Mark Bennett, compiling all of Mark Brewers public statement. One assertion in the letters to cease and desist (a lawyer on the Facebook group pointed out that they are not 'orders' - courts issued 'orders', whilst C&D letters are a starting point for negotiation and don't have legal standing. ) is that the blogs following the SPCK story don't give the SSG side of the story. However pretty much all of these statements were published in full on Dave Walkers blog, the SPCK/SSG blog, or both.

- now well over 70 people blogging this, and more to add, the latest list at Matt Wardman. If you know of anyone else who's covered this, let Matt know through a comment at the link.

- Father Christian Troll at the Gafcon blog has more words of wisdom, and there's some teasing bits of info in there as well. Beware of the Troll.

By the way, did anyone else spot the really clever thing Dave Walker did when he took the posts down? On his site, all you find for July 22nd is '-'. But the page address is as follows: which tells you all you need to know. Nice one Dave.

More later.

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