Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog Stats

Some time in early August this blog went past 20,000 page views, which is peanuts by most blogging standards, but quite a weird thought. I did a little look at the history:

7th Oct 2006 first post
Dec 2006 roughly 20 visitors a week
4th Feb 2007 1000 hits
Oct 2007 2500 hits
1st March 08 10,000
25th May 15,000
8th Aug 20,000

the big jump to March was down to the BBC linking a review I did on 'The Choir: Boys Don't Sing', and that plus the immersion in the Dave Walker campaign has meant much more traffic in the last 6 months.

Post no. 700 is nearly in sight, which makes me pause and think about whether the time and energy is worth it. But then being involved in the SPCK business and being able to use an internet presence to generate support and publicity for something worthwhile is one of the payoffs. I'll discover on my hols, with an enforced break of 2 weeks, whether I'm addicted to blogging in any way, it'll be an interesting excercise in online cold turkey.

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