Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Everyone Else is Saying

Occasionally I run through all the blogs on my favourites list, and here's what some of them are on about:

Bishop Gene Robinson - Madpriest breaks the news that he won't be allowed to speak or do communions during the Lambeth conference, so he's getting in early by doing a tour promoting his new book. Why is it only Bishops who have the time to do books and international speaking tours? Don't they have anything else to do? Dave Walker is blogging about this too: I quit my Church Times subscription because all they ever printed was stories about bishops, however Dave has just posted 3 in a row, his blog seems to have become a bit more serious since it moved there.

Ruth Gledhill has been been posting about persecution of Christians. Ruths series of 6 reminds me of Amos, who lists the nations around Israel one by one, itemising their sins, before rounding on the Israelites themselves. Having picked out Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe, the final entry is on the UK. A Christian Solidarity Worldwide report 'No place to call home' was launched yesterday, on the persecution faced by people who convert to Christ from Islam. Meanwhile Start the Week links to an upcoming conference on 'ethical evanglism' of people from other faiths.

Steve Tilley muses on what people's t-shirts say about them. Howard Jamieson has an interesting post applying the signs of life to church (does your church excrete?), reflects on how having the Bible to hand as an object, rather than in our ears as part of a body of common stories, affects the way we treat it.

Mark Meynell has posted this, on the folk employed by the Japanese subway to get people on board:

remind you of any church you know? And then we wonder why people want to get off at the next stop...

Bishop Alan's excellent blog has again come back to the topic of bullying in the church. My experience hasn't always been that the church hierarchy dealt with reports of bullying very well, so here's at least 1 bishop who admits it exists and wants to address it. A friend who went for an interview to be curate in a particular parish decided it wasn't for him, and the vicar shouted at him for having the temerity to 'refuse' him, and effectively tried to bully him into accepting. As far as I know, that parish/vicar is still getting curates.

Finally David Couchman has some stuff on emerging church pioneer Mike Frost, who is touring the UK in October, and will be well worth getting to see. Frost, author of 'The Shaping of Things to Come' with Alan Hirsch, is one of the top thinkers on change in society and the church, and mission in the post-Christian West.

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