Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Limp it or Lump it?

Just came across something so perceptive I had to post it:

It's not easy not to be put off the truth by the very persons seeking to bring it about — and the churches have no monopoly on compromise and double standards here.

What's the answer? If every concrete enfleshment of church, morality, truth, justice, politics, family and aesthetics is flawed by inadequacy, dysfunction, infidelity, self-interest, ignorance and abuse, does this give us the right to absent ourselves from commitment?

We have a choice. However, that choice is not between what's perfect (a pure church, social justice that's completely non-compromised, art without ego or arrogance, family life without dysfunction, politics without bias, morality without narrowness, feminism without imbalance, religion without flaw or bad history) and what's bad.

The choice is rather between involvement with the limping, stained and compromised or no involvement at all. (Ron Rolheiser, Ht Bishop Alan)

And of course our choices themselves are just as vulnerable to the effects of sin as the things we are making choices about.

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