Monday, April 28, 2008

SSDC Consultation Deadline Extended

For no obvious reason, the deadline for the response to the South Somerset Core Strategy consultation has now been extended to 30th May. This means if you've not got round to responding, there's still time, and if you want to go back and add to your response, ditto.

I have no idea why this has happened: 6 weeks seems to be the national standard for consultations (e.g. on the Post Office closures), so maybe the person who processes all the forms is on holiday for a bit. There are now getting on for 70 responses, keep 'em coming. If you're arguing the case for places of worship, it's good to put a few reasons down - Michael Hayes response is a good example (you can view this on the site). I'm going to revisit my own response, now there's a bit more time, and see if I can express it any better.

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