Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rural Fresh Expressions Conference

I had a flier about this a few months back, but there were exasperatingly few details on the website. No longer....

The conference is 13-14th September, so less than a month away now, and is being held in Leicestershire. It costs £85, and the parent website tells you more about the folk who are organising it.

The website itself is a good idea - I found it a bit busy, and it's rather frustrating that you can't find out what free goodies are available to subscribers until you become a subscriber. There are, apparently, articles and resources which you can get, but until you sign up for a tenner they won't tell you what they are. I'm with the Anglican Church Planting website on this one - just put it all up for free. Or maybe I'm just a stingy northerner.....

In the meantime, if you want to think about rural fresh expressions of church but can't make the conference, the very good Expressions 2 DVD from the Church of England has a 20 minute section on rural fresh expressions, with 4 different examples of new forms of church in rural areas. The good thing is that little of it is rocket science, and there are some discussion notes available too, along with a full transcript of the DVD.

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