Thursday, August 23, 2007


Excllent post on Peter Oulds blog about Learco Chindamo, the man convicted of killing Philip Lawrence, whose story (he won't be deported when he comes out of jail, even though he's not originally from here) has been all over the press and airwaves in recent days. Great example of not being blown back and forth by the winds of public opinion and silly-season scaremongering.


  1. Hey David - thanks for the post!! Nice to see readers I don't know cropping out everywhere (even in Somerset...)

    Have you read any of Simon Ponsonby's books (seeing as you heard him at New Wine). Not that he's one of my best mates, but he really is a fantastic writer.

  2. I hadn't even heard of him till New Wine, so will keep an eye out for his books, thanks for the tip.