Monday, February 12, 2007

worship links

A few links to sites which offer worship resources, something for everyone!
Jonny Bakers blog, one of the pioneers of alternative/creative worship in the UK, he helpfully collects ideas for worship in this part of his blog. I particularly like the idea from the wedding. (you'll have to go and look now....!)
Good collection of resources from my Diocese, for those who can't be bothered to open their prayer books it has a live link to daily prayers and daily readings each day.
Interesting to see how this site has developed - a few years ago it was all words, lots of American preachers sending in their sermons on obscure OT passages. There's still plenty of that, but it's catching up with multimedia resources as well now. You can do a search for a sermon by Bible reference, and it will normally give you a decent list. I've never cribbed a whole sermon (honest!), but sometimes there's a good story, illustration or insight lurking in there.
this was the original pioneer website for uk alternative worship, haven't explored it much recently, but this is a good directory for creative worship ideas and resources. It also has links to blogs on the emerging church, online churches, and lots of other good stuff. Needs a free afternoon to explore the whole thing!
Worship and prayer resources aimed at a rural setting, around festivals, rural issues etc. For those thinking ahead a next few weeks, you'll find resources for Mothering Sunday.

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