Monday, February 05, 2007

Who am I?

A great way to waste time on the internet, or an exercise in vanity: do a search for your own name. This is the kind of thing I'm hoping to give up for Lent. Anyway, it turns out I'm not only a vicar in Somerset but:

- A deceased geographer, expert in the Quaternary era (the most recent 2m years of the Earth's existence)
- A Reader in Complex Emergencies at the London School of Economics
- Dave 'the Machine' Keen, a drummer who seems to have lots of friends with interesting hairstyles. Some posts on his blog suggest he's dead too, though if that's the case he's doing pretty well to keep his blog up to date.

If we met, would we have anything apart from a name in common?

The most worrying fact here is that people with my name display a worrying tendency to die. Wonder if they went for an Angel of the North coffin? (see last weeks entry)

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