Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anglican Archbishops Tag Wrestling

Or Primates Meeting, as it's being called in the media. Here's the pictoral version:

there are another 9 cartoons here which make everything crystal clear.

There's a decent summary of what's going on at the BBC website, for more details there are plenty of folk giving a blow by blow account, including Ruth Gledhill and Thinking Anglicans and Anglican Mainstream . That's if you have too much time on your hands. Otherwise just pray. I can't imagine what God thinks of all this.

I was reminded today of Matthew Fox. Not the Lost actor, but a former Dominican who created a blend of New Age and Christian thinking and was the favoured theologian of the fated Nine O Clock Service in Sheffield. I spent 2 years studying his work in the 90s and concluded he was effectively a pagan thinker who used Christian terminology to make his message more appealing (there's a summary of the thesis here) . The RC church threw him out for heresy and disobedience to his vows, and shortly after guess who ordained him? The Episcopal Church of the USA. So if the Anglican Communion splits, it will be sad, but there is a limit to how far a church can stray from the gospel and the revelation of God in Jesus and still be the church of Jesus Christ.

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