Wednesday, December 13, 2006


A couple of recent blessings:
- very warm welcome at the Brimsmore Garden centre (lovely chocolate cake in the cafe) to do a Christingle service last night. 70 or so people, most seemed to have fun making a Christingle, including one chap who put a propellor on the front of his (don't ask, but a gold star for inventiveness). There was something very right about celebrating the gift of the earth in a garden centre, and Yeovil Town Band were there to play for the carols, which was lovely.
- The lunch club at St. Peters church hall, 5 days into the alterations to make it a Youth Cafe venue - after saying grace God helped me to say that the Youth Cafe and lunch club were basically about the same thing: providing a place to meet, eat, drink and make friends with people of your own generation. And to think it was once a chicken shed....

And if you're stuck for a Christmas present, Dave Walker's cartoon church website is offering free downloads of a calendar for 2007, complete with 1 cartoon a month. This isn't on it, but is a fair represntation of my study at the moment:

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Today's final thought: was listening to Coldplay's 'Fix You' over breakfast, including the line 'when you get what you want but not what you need' - is he talking about Christmas......?

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