Thursday, December 07, 2006

blog counter

With nothing but hearsay to go on, I decided a couple of days ago to find something that would tell me if anyone looked at this blog. Hence the counter at the bottom of the sidebar. At the time of writing, 14 people have visited the page in the last 48 hours - until Tuesday I had no way of knowing whether the figure was 0 or 100. I honestly don't know whether what motivates me is vanity, or wanting to know if having a blog is worthwhile. I also don't know how many of yesterdays 12 visitors were due to a comment I put on another blog, and people were checking out the link.

The other way of knowing whether anyone reads this would be if people sent comments, which at the moment doesn't happen. It took me a while to have the confidence to post my thoughts on someone elses blog, so maybe that's not surprising, but I would love to know what people think. Especially if you want to disagree!

So, feedback please: should I have a counter? If you read this, how often? What's most interesting - stuff about culture, about church, about me, about what we're doing in Abbey Manor, or recipes for things containing lots of chocolate? It's time for the silent majority to speak.......


  1. I tend to check your blog a few times a week. I enjoy your observations and it's good to know what's buzzing with you. Not a blogger myself. Not quite sure what primary motovation for blogging generally is, or should be. For some it seems a bit of a personal journal (good, but for public consumption?), for others it may be mere vamity, and for some (like you I think) because you have something to express, and this is one way of communicating it.

  2. hiya... its rosie, i read ur blog... check out my blog its new! not sure how mum and dad feel about me using it though! :S!