Thursday, August 22, 2013

Multiplex church and Lego lobbing.

A couple of local church stories:

Yeovil's Elim Pentecostal church is relocating to the local multiplex cinema during a building project. Bizarrely, one Facebook reaction to this story was a local person claiming they would boycott the cinema and go to Taunton instead. For context, the cinema is currently showing movies celebrating the life of a porn star, and 'entertaining' people with lots of folk getting shot on screen. Sure there are ethical issues with Cineworld, but I think they're shooting the wrong target.

Elsewhere, a village church has been 'attacked with lego' but once you get past the headline it's all very Postman Pat: the PCSO has a word, the vicar has a word, the unruly youngster says sorry and promises to help out with a litter pick. But you do have to wonder what 'enthusiastically lobbing' is code for....

For a more constructive (geddit?!?) use of lego, see this.

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