Monday, July 01, 2013

What Our Diocese Needs

from the person spec:

The person appointed will have a wide vision of the church and the ways of God. His key mission will be ‘to lead the Church in worshipping Jesus Christ and encouraging people to believe in him and follow him’  (Archbishop Justin).

He will be:
1. Well-integrated and secure in his spiritual journey with a presence that makes the living God real; 
someone who is confident in the distinctive role of the Church of England in God’s mission today; and a  person deeply rooted in the theology of the bible and the church, who seeks to articulate clearly the meaning of the good news of Jesus Christ for this generation.

2. Able to lead the diocese in turning vision into an inspiring and realistic strategy for growth in both rural and urban parishes; and who will be courageous in overseeing the changes that will be needed to deliver that strategy at every level.

From the Diocese of Bath and Wells Statement of Needs for appointing a new bishop. Press release here. (My emphasis.)

There's obviously a lot more to it than this, but we are a Diocese which has been solidly in the bottom 25% of the CofE for growth (i.e. decline) in recent years. If you're the praying kind, please pray for the right appointment for us - the final decision will be taken some time in October.

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  1. Or, better still, give up on the idea of bishops entirely. Across the world episcopalianism is losing out to congregationalism.

    Forget about the biblical arguments - which would in any case not support anything like the current set up in the C of E - just look at the practicalities. The Anglican Church is the fastest shrinking denomination in the UK, and in terminal decline ("cease to exist in any extant form" was the phrase used in Synod, as I recall).

    Save your church. Bin your bishop!