Tuesday, July 09, 2013

General Synod blogs

Quite a few people are blogging from within about General Synod, which closes today. Here are a few of them:

(updated to include....Bermondsey Vicar not a blog I'd come across before, but looks good, nicely written.

Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford (who won't have a diocese much longer..)

Stephen Lynas, Bishops Chaplain from Bath & Wells Diocese

Jeremy Fletcher, Beverley Minster (I think that's a place, not the name of the first female CofE Bishop, though you never know)

Dave Walker, 1000 words in visual form.

The General Synod blog

Thinking Anglicans has lots of reports (mainly focusing on women bishops/sexuality. What do Anglicans think about every 7 seconds?)

Church of England Newspaper live blog, which reads like a Twitter feed. or tennis match text commentary.

Steve Croft, Bishop of Sheffield.

any more out there?

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  1. 'What do Anglicans think about every 7 seconds?)'

    I think 'Thinking Anglicans' should be renamed 'Anglicans, mainly from England and the USA, who like to think about sex and women bishops and church politics in England the USA'.

    You would never know from reading their website that our Canadian General Synod met July 3rd-7th in Ottawa (this only happens once every three years, so it's fairly significant to us!), and that, for better or for worse, we took a major step toward legitimizing same-sex marriage!