Saturday, April 20, 2013

The FOMO epidemic

This is really helpful:

  FOMO – it sounds like an ominous superbug, doesn’t it? Like MRSA or SARS. Well, the chances are it’s a bug that you have. 

Research by marketing strategist Dan Herman, who claims to have identified and named the phenomenon, shows that around 70% of adults experience FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out.

Psychologist Arnie Kozak explains that ‘FOMO happens when we invalidate the experience we are having because we’re obsessed with the ones we’re not having’. Handled positively FOMO can motivate us to seize opportunities and be open to connections with new people. However, managed badly, FOMO cripples our ability to be fully present because we always have one eye elsewhere, on what could have been or might be instead.

FOMO can manifest itself in the small decisions of life (I should have said yes to that weekend away, they look like they’re having a great time) and larger life choices (I probably won’t stay with this company/church/partner long, I’ll keep my eye out for a better option). Whether it leads to anxious feelings of inferiority in which we feel depressed about our perceived social isolation, or a frantic, restless lifestyle that feels obliged to say ‘Yes’ to everything (even if we don’t really want to go), both are borne out of a desire to be all places at all times.

A symptom of living in a world in which we have increased choice, FOMO is made all the more acute by the use of social media......

I wonder how this affects out ability to worship, to engage with scripture, to engage with community? Can we fully worship God if we are not 'fully present'? Can you have a proper and deep conversation/relationship with someone whose mobile phone is always switched on? Can I meditate richly on scripture if part of me is wondering whether I should be doing something else?

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