Saturday, April 20, 2013

New end-of-course exam introduced for Mission Shaped Ministry

The full list of questions has just been published by Archdruid Eileen, here's a couple:

10. Is "Enculturation" a real word? Be honest.

11. If you organise a church away day to discuss mission, brainstorm what it's all about, get a decent vision, develop a strategy and come away ready for battle - what are the chances of anything happening?

12. Which of the following do you, honestly, think count as mission?
a) Church Committee meetings
b) Getting alongside the lonely
c) Sharing your personal experience of faith
d) Wearing a witty T-shirt
e) Putting up a "wayside pulpit"
f) Bellringing
g) Tweeting insults at Richard Dawkins.

a fantastic development. 

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  1. Answer to 12; Prayer, Prayer and more Prayer. Then talk to someone.