Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Top posts of 2012

Its too early in 2013 to say anything profound, so here are the most-read bits of this blog from last year:

1. The Leading of the 5000: Redesigning the CofE by a long stretch the most read (3000+ views) and most commented upon (30), which in a way is encouraging. Looks at projections for full-time Anglican clergy and wonders aloud about what kind of church we can sustain.

2. How to Select the New Archbishop of Canterbury not entirely serious.

3. British Summer, Installation failed. which is a pic I cribbed from Facebook, so can't take any credit for this one.

4. Major Minus: Church of England Attendance 1989-2010 One thing you can be sure of, I'm going to keep wittering on about declining membership in the CofE until the coffee is fully and repeatedly inhaled  by everyone involved. Come back in a roughly a month, when the next batch of attendance stats is announced, for more wittering.

5. Christmas and Advent ideas. Perhaps one to bookmark for November now.

6. Keep Calm and Be Forgiven, and yet again the Queen put across a clear and gracious Christian message in her recent Christmas Day outing

7. House of Bishops statement and links roundup: has there ever been a year when Anglicans have spoken/written more and achieved less?

8. How to Advertise for a New Vicar. Very funny home vid 'advert' from a parish looking for a new rev. Hope they got one!

9. Ed Miliband 'I am a person of faith' re-reading this I'm still not sure what I think. Is this another politician testing the elasticity of words to push electoral buttons, or sincere conviction politics?

10. High Church Higgs Boson Joke. which just goes to show that you can compose an entire blog out of daft pictures you find on Facebook, and it will get 5x more readers than one about the persecution of Christians in the Arab Winter, mental health, or mission.

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  1. Great selection of posts. Glad to see one of my posts helping you out there!

    As you say, once again comedy and satire tends to get read more than hard-hitting journalism. We all like a good, funny story. It's frustrating at times, but that's just the way it is.

    Thanks for running such a fantastic blog.