Monday, December 17, 2012

Nativity Factor Winners

The winners of The Nativity Factor 2012 have just been announced, a national competition run by ITN to produce a 3 minute film retelling the Christmas story. Here are the top 3 adult entries:

No Pressure (posted this a few weeks ago)

The Christmas C(h)ord, which I think is brilliant.

and joint third Mary and Joe (camcorder style, very clever)

and Operation Christmas, the Angels wear Prada

great competition this year, I can't see these going viral in the same way as Gavin Tyte's Beatbox Nativity last year, but they're all excellent, and thought provoking in their own way. The Christmas C(h)ord should be getting a play at our main service on Sunday.


  1. Thanks for making these available, David.

  2. Thanks for encouraging comments on the Christmas chord and glad you're using it! In case you haven't seen, the full version is here:

    I had to enter a 3 minute edit for the competition - be interested to know which you prefer! @andytoovey on twitter.