Monday, January 16, 2012

More Details of the Church of England Church Growth project

I posted a few days ago that the CofE was looking to research the causes of church growth, in a project which seemed to signal that, at last, the CofE was taking this subject seriously. Start the Week has published more details, including the remit of the research, and who to contact.

Here's an excerpt:

The Church of England invites interested parties to tender for an exciting research programme investigating factors relating to spiritual and in particular numerical church growth within the Church of England. This 18 month programme will involve:

•Preparation of the church’s attendance and other data and analysis of these existing data sets to test hypotheses around factors relating to church growth.

•In depth profiling of a sample of growing churches (and a randomly selected control group).

•A study of factors relating to growth at cathedrals, church planting and the impact of amalgamation of benefices and the use of different patterns of deployment of ministers.

or use the comments thread if you think you know the answers to these questions already!!!

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  1. Ban the phrase "it isn't all about bums on seats". Or treat those who say it with ECT.