Sunday, January 08, 2012

Depression is not a Choice

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People who think Depression is a choice, take a second to think. How would it feel to think that time is just passing by with no real reason? To feel so alone even when you are sitting in a room full of people? To have to put on a face and hide your feelings because in your mind you think no one would care anyway? To lose friends because you can’t find the strength to go out and you can’t be ‘happy’? To cry yourself to sleep, hoping you wouldn’t wake up then when you do you are exhausted from the night before, and it all starts again? You try to hide your feelings hoping no one would notice. Now tell me why someone would choose that? Depression is an illness, not a choice.

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As regular readers will know, this is a topic I keep coming back to. There's a lot of web campaigns and material aimed at ending stigma around mental health and depression, and rightly so.
But I have a question: how much of a stigma is there? When you're low, it can be easy to imagine that nobody will understand if you tell them about it, or that people will judge you for being depresssed or mentally ill. There's a survey here which reports both on people's experience of stigma, and their fear of it (the two are different), showing that both have a significant impact on sufferers.

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