Monday, February 01, 2010

Edited Highlights, December-January

A brief summary of the last couple of months:

Top 10 posts by visits:
1. There's probably no Street Pastors....
2. Latest CofE statistics on giving and ordinations
3. Clergy Bullying Rife?
4. Blue Christmas service
5. Mary and Joseph Don't you Flee to England
6. If Church Historians Made Beatles Documentaries
7. General Synod Headline Predictor
8. Seasonal Missage from the UK Border Agency
9. Alternative Advent Top 10
10. UK Border Agency: Invasion of the Baby Snatchers.

Total of roughly 9750 page views from 3784 visitors. Crikey that's a lot. Well, it is for me anyway....hello everyone!

Top referring sites, apart from Twitter and Facebook (who'd be 1 and 4 in this list respectively)

1. Bishop Alan
2. Church Mouse
3. Philip Ritchie
4. Maggi Dawn
5. Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
6. BanksyBoy
7. Matt Wardman
8. Thinking Anglicans
9. Tim Chesterton
10. Clayboy

Thankyou to everyone who's linked here or seen fit to put this blog in their sidebar, it's nice to know that occasionally some of my blather makes sense to someone.

All the above is based on Google Analytics, in case anyone was wondering. Very handy device.

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  1. Always pleased to help. Even more pleased that, now I use a "proper" feed rather than using the Beaker Folk as a feed, it wasn't just me coming from the Beaker Folk!
    Keep up the good work.