Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome Aboard

Good to see that Ian Green has joined the ranks of reverend bloggers in Yeovil. Ian's the Baptist church minister in town, and you can find his new blog at

I think that now makes 3 church leaders blogging in Yeovil, Nigel Coke-Woods being the other. St. Johns Yeovil has gone one better and put all their sermons on the web. If you want to be edified, go to and click on 'Sermons and Talks'

Unfortunately, Blogger, who host this site, have got rid of the feature which allows you to click any word in someone's profile and see who else mentions it. I used this a few months ago to find out who else was blogging in Yeovil, but it's now disabled. If anyone knows of any other new Yeovil blogs done by Christians, let me know.

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