Thursday, June 21, 2007

Help the Aged

Have heard a number of stories this week of old people's groups in the Yeovil area who are thinking about closing, because the cost of the local CVS minibus has gone up to a level which members can't afford. The minibus is the main way in which group members are brought out from their homes, and lunch and social clubs across South Somerset are being hit hard. Ironically, at the same time their is a government initiative towards 'Active Living Centres' which encourage the elderly to mix, get out and about, and be, well, active.

The hike in prices is due, I gather, to the expiry of a Department of Transport grant. There seems to be no funding available to plug the hole.

If you're in the Yeovil area and see this before Friday, contact David Laws office (423284), as a group is going to see him on Friday about this issue, and the more stories he is aware of the more he may be inclined to do something. Also speak to your local councillor, and pray.

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