Friday, April 06, 2007

Goth Eucharist

One of the pioneering churches in what's called 'fresh expressions' is St. Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge. Here is a link to the Goth Eucharist which they host every fortnight. It very helpfully gives you an outline of what happens in one of these services, the kind of music they use, and has a very good page on what they're trying to do. I mentioned this service at a meeting last week and had to explain afterwards what a Goth was, so if that person is reading this, click the link and you'll find out!
The church itself also holds a BCP communion service, and a discussion/seminar style service, and is a great example of a church taking risks to make sure more people get the chance to hear about Jesus.
Whilst I'm here, another excellent link for the mathematically inclined which takes songs, well known phrases and sayings, etc. and turns them into Venn diagrams. If you need a smile, have a look.

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