Thursday, April 19, 2007

Expressions DVD 2

The CofE has produced it's 2nd DVD on 'fresh expressions' of church, here is the blurb on what it contains:

All over the country, Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside the church. Presented by Diane Louise Jordan, this DVD focuses on four specific areas where fresh expressions of church are breaking new ground:

Work, rest and play - Fresh expressions of church in places of employment (20 minutes)
A new harvest? - Fresh expressions of church in rural areas (20 minutes)
The Lord is here - Fresh expressions of church in the sacremental tradition (20 minutes)
Generate - Fresh expressions of church for young people (20 minutes)
In addition there are six discussion starters. These feature experienced contributors, who will help you and your team unpack your thinking about contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church.
1. Why is being mission-shaped so important? (6 minutes)
2. Listening to your community (6 minutes)
3. Starting a fresh expression (6 minutes)
4. Sustaining fresh expressions (6 minutes)
5. Discipleship (6 minutes)
6. The allotment - a short story ( 6 minutes)

This is an excellent training tool for those interested in contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church.
If you want to buy it go here, alternatively order it through a bookshop and save the postage. I'll try to review it here in a week or two once my copy has arrived.

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