Sunday, December 24, 2023

Scriptwriter openings at BBC

 After outsourcing the scriptwriting duties on Dr Who to Stonewall, the latest license fee announcement has accelerated the push at the Beeb to find cheaper alternatives for writing work and show production. A whole range of charities, interest groups and organisations are in the frame, and here are some of the shows under consideration. There is a suspicion that the intern who created this list hadn't fully grasped the nature of the shows in question.  

Escape to the Country: written by the inmates of HM Prison, Dartmoor

Married at First Sight: a new format with Islamic State

Would I Lie To You?: edited highlights of the Covid enquiry

Top Gear: the London College of Fashion

Masterchef: The Professionals: retro 70s cookery show presented by Bodie and Doyle

Strictly: the entire output of the BBC is turned over to the Chinese government. 

Mrs Browns Boys: Gordon Brown narrates holiday pictures of his family.

Pointless: full coverage of the Covid enquiry

The Chase: written by the staff of HM Prison, Dartmoor

Blankety Blank: Keir Starmer talks about his key ideas.

The Great British Bay Cough: produced by Surfers Against Sewage 

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  1. The Mrs Brown change seems a massive improvement.