Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Random Opinions

The government decision to cut foreign aid is a terrible one, and will cost thousands of lives. It's great that we've produced a low cost vaccine for the world, but pulling the plug on essential programmes will be catastrophic. The Conservatives have had plenty of practice at U-turning this year so hopefully they can put that to good use on this one. 

Justin Welby is perfectly entitled to a sabbatical. I would say that, I'm having one at the same time. We don't have a pop at Jesus because he was only in active ministry for 3 years, took 40 days out in the desert, and repeatedly disappeared off to pray without taking his mobile phone with him. The NHS has sabbaticals and nobody complains that the doctors should get back to work and stop faffing about. If you were in charge of an 80 million member organisation, you might need a bit of time out yourself. 

The news about Megan Markle's miscarriage is very sad, but she was worthy of respect and courtesy before we found out about it. If you were ripping her to shreds before, don't bother feigning concern now. 

The maths of the Christmas bubbling bothers me. If you can spend up to 5 days in the same house as 2 other households, and 1 of you has got covid, the chances are that everyone else in the house will have it by the time you go home. The R rate will go through the roof won't it?

We see the Premier League footballers taking a knee on Match of the Day every week, but has anything actually changed in their sport? They also could show a bit of concern for their fellow footballers by offering a tithe of their wages to clubs in the lower leagues. £950,000 (10% of Gareth Bales annual salary) is around half the wage bill of some lower league clubs. Gareth if you already give it away, well done you.

Joe Biden is a flawed human being too, I hope our media don't do a Barack Obama on him and turn him into some sort of Messiah. He will be a better president than Donald Trump. He will make mistakes. Those two things are about all we can be sure about. 

Remember, 25% of what I say is wrong, the trouble is I don't know which 25%

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