Monday, December 16, 2019

Robin da Hood

Todays moral maze:

Which is the bigger crime, stealing £50m of jewellery, or having £50m of jewellery in the first place? If the thief gives the loot away to the poor, does that justify his/her actions? If not, why do we consider Robin Hood to be heroic?

The victim lives about 1 1/2 miles away from Grenfell Tower and donated generously at the time of the tragedy, does that have any bearing on this? Or the fact that she has 55 rooms in her house which, as far as anyone is aware, haven't been offered to any of the Grenfell victims? What about all the other people on that street who aren't in the news today but enjoy the same kind of lifestyle? Does the fact that I have a spare room and haven't offered it to the victims either make me a hypocrite? If so, is it only people with absolutely nothing to spare who can question the rich?

Is it acceptable for anyone to have a 'dog spa' in a city where 4000 are sleeping rough?

How much inequality is too much?


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