Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Opinionated Vicar Election Awards

In the seasonal spirit of reviewing the year before it is completely over, here are some interim awards for the 2019 Election Campaign

The Where's Wally Award, for people conspicuous by their absence
Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is exercising common sense, following advice and staying in his room.
Emily Thornberry. Apparently she's shadow foreign secretary. It can't look good if Labour think Richard Burgon will do a better job than you.
Diane Abbott. Apparently she's shadow home secretary

The Pinocchio Award
Charlie Cleverley, for the fake 'fact checking' Twitter account
Runners Up
Charlie Cleverley, for the doctored ITV footage
Charlie Cleverley, for the doctored BBC footage

The Who Do You Think You Are? Award, for odd choice of spokesperson
Nicky Morgan, not prepared to stand as an MP on the current manifesto, yet sent in against Piers Morgan to defend it.
Donald Trump, representing the Brexit Party
That Conservative guy on the BBC leaders debate last night. Who was he?

The Side-Of-A-Bus Award for creative mathematics
The Conservative 50,000 nurses pledge, which turns out to be mostly nurses who are already in post.
Labours claim that nobody outside the top 5% of earners will pay more tax. I earn less than the average wage and I will be paying more tax under Labour, because I'm married.

The Theresa May Award for avoiding journalists, and the general public
Boris Johnson, passing up 2 opportunities to appear on TV opposite other political leaders, and trying to wriggle out of the Andrew Neil 30 minute BBQ event.


  1. Hi David, I wouldn't have thought we would be discussing taxation on this blog but you might have misunderstood marriage allowances.

    The only people who benefit from the current system of Marriage Allowance is married (or civil partnered) couples where one earns less than £12,500 and the other earns between £12,500 and £50,000. In that case the one earning less can transfer unused Personal Allowance (up to £1,250) over to the other earner, saving them up to £250 per year. So it's not for all married couples, it's for a small subset of married couples. If your wife earns enough to pay income tax then you're not getting the allowance.

  2. Hi Andy, me neither! Yes we've been claiming it as we fall into that bracket.